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 Cosmetic Surgery Hyperhidrosis Treatment
What is Hyperhydrosis (Excessive Sweating) ?

Hyperhidrosis or (Excessive Sweating ) is a condition where it causes excessive sweating in different areas of the body .

It is not classified as a risky health condition, but it can be embarrassing and distressing. The inconvenience of it can also have a negative impact on your quality of life. It affects over 1.5 Million people in UK & Ireland alone.

Hyperhidrosis can either:

  • Affect certain parts of the body, most commonly the armpits, hands, feet or face; this is known as focal hyperhidrosis
  • Affect the entire body, known as generalised hyperhidrosis
Most cases of focal hyperhidrosis have no obvious cause, although many experts believe that problems with the nervous system may be responsible. it is often referred to as primary hyperhidrosis.


Hyperhidrosis Treatment Using Liposuction

We specialize in Axillary Hyperhidrosis treatment using liposuction, where the sweat glands in the armpits are removed using a liposuction cannula.

This technique has proven a  safety track record , a very high success rate in addition to it being a minimally invasive procedure .

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Hyperhidrosis Treatment Using Gland Injections.

We specialize in palms, face , groin & feet Hyperhidrosis treatment using local injections to the glands .

During the procedure, a very fine needle is used to inject the glands just under the skin near the sweat glands responsible for excessive perspiration.

Our specialists will conduct a thorough pre -assessment of each patient to ensure that this is the appropriate treatment for their condition

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